A Custom-made Watch Strap in 71 Steps

CREMA LANE is a brand which manufactures premium custom watch strap.

We only use the best materials sourced .
Straps take 71 steps from start to finish and the entire process is done by hand.

CREMA stands for "carefully selected, the best", LANE represents our objective.
CREMA LANE aims to produce a superior customized watch strap using carefully sourced materials and professional skills.

CREMA LANE's logo; the shape of a hexagon, represents our handcrafted saddle stitching process and superior high quality.
The 3 circles represent the peg holes and CREMA LANE's philosophy of supplying a perfect fit for our customer's wrist.


CREMA LANE is a brand which considers our customer's needs in customizing your watch strap and takes steps which reveal your taste by giving careful consideration to size, length, material, color and shape.


Customers are given the opportunity to communicate online or consult directly with CREMA LANE in choosing your customized watch strap. Once your order is complete, your watch strap is carefully inspected, wrapped, and delivered to you.


CREMA LANE’s straps are customized and handmade through our 71 Step process to complement your watch face.

Special care and attention to detail is involved with each and every customized watch strap we create.

  • Imprinted Stamp

    Each watch strap is personalized through our hand-stamp process on the underside of your customized watch strap with either your name or special message.

  • Membership Program

    Once you become a member, you are assigned a membership number which is associated with your watch straps serial number in order to provide superior customer satisfaction and future customized watch starp orders.

  • Strap Care Service

    In order to maintain the beauty of your watch strap, we provide a special strap care service for those customers visiting our store in person.